Paddywac’s has been a place I have been able to live out my dream.  I have travelled around the country helping my husband pursue his career and have loved decorating our homes and reinventing time loved pieces.  I have loved the farmhouse style and the store has really let me have an outlet to try new looks out.  I have settled on a Farmhouse Industrial style.  You may ask, “What does Farmhouse Industrial mean”?  Farmhouse Industrial to me is a twist on the Modern Farmhouse.  Lots of painted wood in a neutral palette with metal and softness mixed in.

The most common question I get at Paddywac’s is, “Do you paint all of this yourself”?  My answer is no.  Paddywac’s is a collective of vendors that work together towards a common goal of making a beautiful cohesive store. I am a proud stockiest of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.  It is a wonderful product that has changed the way we paint furniture.  It leaves the furniture with such a soft beautiful finish that you can either distress or leave pristine. 


We can teach you how to paint with Chalk Paint®

We offer classes monthly and our vendors use the product as well and are often available to share their experience and give you advice on your project. Stop by and see what we have for you.